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 Small Towns.  Deep Secrets.  Big Relationships.   


Women's Fiction Author




    Lily hurried down the stoop stairs and headed for the warehouse. At the entrance of the wide roll-back door, she discerned movement within the murky interior. I have an excuse to hide in the gloom. What's yours, Mr. Montgomery?

    Her steps faltered. She waited for her vision to adjust. Ready or

not, here I come.

     He leaned against the hood of the old, white Ford 150 Joy had parked there so Lily could use the garage for her glasswork. Ankles

and arms crossed, he was a tall rangy man with large hands and wide wrists, and an eagle's head tattooed on his right forearm. Prison residue?

     "Looking for me?" he drawled.

​     Lily tensed. She stood backlit by the sun, her outline clearly visible to him. Squaring her shoulders, she asked bluntly, "Have you decided?"

     "About what?"

​     "Selling the farm? That's why you're here, isn't it?"

     He pushed off the truck and ambled toward her. The image of a big male lion sizing up a gazelle flashed through her mind. 

     From somewhere he'd located a blue bandanna--likely a hip

pocket--and was in the process of wiping his hands. "My mother," he said, "wants it producing again."

     "And you?"

     "Doesn't matter what I want. For now Mama holds the deed."

     "But she won't be--" Around much longer. Had she nearly spoken the words aloud? Had she become calloused to Effie's inevitable

death? Effie, who had given Lily a home on her quiet ancestral land when no one else would. 

     Montgomery's gaze softened. "I know." The emotion in his tone surprised her. "That's why I'm home."